My Studio

NYC Rubber Studio

NYC Rubber Studio has FOUR separate play rooms, all which have been hand-crafted with the goal of accommodating the needs of all submissives, players, and fetishists. Each environment is detailed specifically to evoke a certain mood, while still retaining the ability to host a wide variety of complex scenes. 

The Parlor

The PARLOR--our most "sensual" environment--is for those who prefer a more domestic feel. The Parlor has been designed to evoke a lighter mood, with BLACK colored walls; GOLD, Shiny, Penny flooring and bright lighting. The Parlor is perfect for cross-dressing, sissy training and domestic role-plays. It is equipped with a bondage bed and a lockable cage underneath. We are proud of our custom made one point electrical suspension: The Lattice Suspension.

The Marionette Chamber

The Marionette Chamber is perfectly suited for heavier scenes; it holds a massive Metalbound suspension set-up that is capable of endless bondage configurations, a St. Andrew Cross and a throne.

Torture Chamber

The Torture Chamber contains a large bondage bed with a full-sized lockable cage, a horse, a worship throne and plenty of open space for scenarios in which a lot of room is required (puppy/pony play, beatdowns, etc). We are proud of our custom one-of-a-kind Challenger Suspension: 10 suspension points, 2 extendable St. Andrew crosses and 2 Electrical Trolleys. The Torture Chamber also features a vintage, 1960s motorized birthing chair which can change its height, as well as its angle. It is truly perfect for any medical fantasy.

Rubber Room

Our Rubber Room is designed with a European flare and is painted with a rich Royal Blue with Black Heavy Rubber Flooring. It is Equipped with a custom made Metal Bound Torture Chair, a custom made Hydraulic Medical Table and a Hood Cabinet that houses NINE Fetters UK HOODS.

Some Toys Are Specialty Toys

As a premiere Mistress (Mistress Ariana Chevalier) who specializes in latex, leather and high end Fetish equipment, the Parthenon prides itself on maintaining unique fetish items to enhance your kink experience. With that in mind, please be advised that not all fetish equipment will be available for your session. Some of our equipments are highly expensive and require a tutorial to utilize. Other equipments are only available in sessions with Ariana due to their expense, opulence and difficult of use. If there is something you see and would like to utilize in your session there may be an additional tribute and/or tutorial prior to use. In addition, for equipment in excess of $1000 plus a deposit may be required and you will be responsible for that item.