Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are your hard limits?
A:  Anything illegal or that end JOB.

Q: Do I need a reference to see you?
A: I rather see people with a reference.

Q: Do you see novices?
A: Yes, but only if they share My enthusiasm. Please see My session page for further information.

Q: Do you accept gifts?
A: Yes. See My Amazon wish list.

Q: When do you take sessions?
A: Normally Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, between 9AM and 9PM.

Q: Can I take you out to dinner?
A: The rate is half of My tribute for time spent outside a session.

Q: Do you offer abandonment sessions and what is the tribute for that kind of session?
A: Yes, I do offer abandonment sessions. The tribute for that is $300 for the first hour, $200 for the second hour, $150 for every hour after that.

Q: Are you the owner of ParthenonNYC and NYC Rubber studio?
A: Yes, I am the sole owner.

Q: Can I call you?
A: Calls are limited to five minutes. Anything else must be arranged through my Nite Flirt account.

Q: How much notice do you need?
A: At least 24-48 hours notice. The more notice the better. A session that is arranged and started on the same day is possible depending on My availability.

Q: Do you offer 1/2 sessions?
A: Only for Foot sessions.

Q: Do you offer overnight sessions?
A: Yes I do offer overnight sessions. Tribute for an overnight session $3000; a 25% deposit is required.

Q: Do you do outcalls?
A: No. I prefer to play in my studio. If we have sessioned multiple times in the past, it may be possible. 

Q: Do you have a phone number?
A: See my Contact page.

Q: How much is a session?
A:  My tribute ranges from $350 - $400/hr, depending on the type of session. But beware that prices are subject to change according to customer's ATTITUDE!

Q: What do you like in general that’s not on your wish list?
A: Shopping sprees, spa treatments, high end shoes, designer bags, custom latex and custom boots.

Q: I lost my job and am interested in serving you.
A: I don't do charitable session. 

Q: Do you need a house slave?
A: A house slave is always needed, but a house slave must tribute the studio $75 per visit. Serving at my studio is like hitting the BSDM lottery.